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AP Writing Gateway Page

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AP Writing Gateway Page


CLOSE READING: Refer to this page often, frequently, continually





Literature Exam




Writing Prompts:


Poetry Explication


Character Analysis


Open-ended ("significant to the work as a whole")




Composition Exam




Writing Prompts


Synthesis Essay


Rhetorical analysis 


Argument Analysis / Persuasive Essay


Essays for analysis





Thesis statements are:

  • argumentative
  • text-rooted
  • sensitive to the surprising, the ironic, the unexpected, the problematical


When drafting a thesis, ask:

  • Why?
  • How?
  • What's surprising? 
  • What's unexpected?
  • What's causing a problem? 


Thoughts on Thesis Statements from College Professors: 


"Five Ways of Looking at a Thesis," by Professor Simpson at Grinell College (Iowa)

"Getting an A on an English Paper," by Professor Lynch at Rutgers

"Writing A Thesis," by Professor Barsanti at Penn


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