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Band Names

Page history last edited by Serena Groff 12 years ago
  • Road Pizza
  • Avagadro's Number featuring Mole
  • Mucous Cookie (fav)
  • Bawds of Euphony
  • Dan Druff and The Flakes
  • Semi-Deponent Verbs
  • Circle 10
  • The Prolix
  • Dollar Store Toothpaste
  • Impossible Staircase
  • User Agent Strings
  • Cursed Hebona
  • Hugh and What Army
  • The Box and Whisker Plot
  • Calculator Pie
  • Off Task
  • Categories within Zero
  • Spherical Meats
  • Damascus Underbelly
  • All the Pigs in Egypt
  • Social Distancing
  • Baghdad Pups
  • Faux Drool
  • Albino Molecule 
  • Oedipus and the Mamas Boys
  • Shattered Ladybug 
  • Ruthless Linoleum
  • Photobytes 
  • Thrift Store Lingerie
  • Escalator to Hell 
  • Paralysis by Analysis

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Mocking Ozymandias

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