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Havenotford Course Selection Book

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AP Slacker 

0 credits, one semester, no assigned block

This course introduces students to advanced techniques in task avoidance, including creative procrastination and diversionary conversation.

Assessments: Any assignment not handed in receives an A.

Prerequisites: Careless Dress I and II, Adolescent Rhetoric, Internet Solitaire 312.

Technology Meltdown-2

one credit, one semester, any block 



This course is the integration of broken technology into a regular core class curriculum. Students must use advanced skills such as restarting computers incessantly, making,uploading, and editing videos that don't play with this school's software, and sending finished essays in completely wrong formatting.

Assignments: All tasks assigned include a piece of technology that will backfire.

 Final Exam: Trouble-shooting

 Prerequisites: Technology Meltdown 1, or any C.O.F. class


 Basket Weaving

one credit, one quarter

 This course teaches students how to weave baskets.  Students are expected to be in attendance every day and students should expect to dedicate a significant amount of time to this class out of school.


Internet Surfing

In this class students will be expected to take advantage of the time to conduct their internet browsing.  Sites visited will include addicting games, Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace.  Games played will include JetMan, Solitaire, Balloons Tower Escape, and Slime Ball.


Spark Notes Reading (English)

During this class, students will be expected to read the spark notes for assigned books.  Students will be expected to bring up points from the analysis section as their own.  Students should be able to ace the quiz that spark notes provided.  Those interested in in-depth discussions should not apply.


Illogical Argumentation

1 credit, 1 quarter

This is an introductory course recommended as a prerequisite to all English classes. This course will give students a strong foundation in unreliable sources, and gives students an understanding of the proper ways to argue with preschoolers. We will explore argumentation techniques such as "if you were in two places at once," "because I said so," and the infamous "I'm right, You're wrong" method.

Final Exam: Win an argument with a 5 year old, his or her choice of subject.

Prerequisites: None.


Wikipedia Project

1 credit, 1 quarter, Open to Grades 11 & 12, any semester, 4th block only

This is a research project course required for graduation. Students are to select a ludicrous topic to research using Wikipedia as their sole source of information (Use of other websites, especially accredited web pages, is strictly prohibited). Students are to write a 7-10 page paper with illegible font while documenting their sources using incorrect formatting. Finally, students are to present their research and findings to accredited CollegeBoard judges. Scoring will be on a scale of 1 to 4. Any student receiving a 3 or higher on either the research paper or presentation is unacceptable and will be considered failing.

Prerequisites: None.


Diversion 101

2 credits, 1 semester, Open to all grades.

During this course, students will learn the art of diverting a teacher from his/her objective. Students will learn how to properly use classic arguments such as, "but why?", "howcome?", and "can we have a party?". The final exam will be to get Mr. Mullen off topic and onto the discusion of something completely random. The end result should end in the scheduling of a party for the next day.

Prerequisites: Illogical Argumentation


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