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Spark Notes analysis of the allegory


Animation of The Allegory of the Cave


Same thing on YouTube

2-minute drill presentations

  • Each karass has 2 minutes to present its answer to the question.
  • Karass groups are limited to 3 slides with no more than one idea on each slide.
  • Score up to 50 points (20%) for answering the question clearly with an appropriate reference to the text.


Karass Group 2-minute drill questions:

  • Image analysis: What does the cave represent? (Metaphorical)

  • What is significant about the men in the cave being referred to as "prisoners"? (Metaphorical)

  • What group or type is represented by the men who hold objects in front of the fire? (Allegorical)

  • Socrates says that the freed prisoner is "reluctantly dragged" into the light. What is Socrates suggesting about human nature? (Allegorical)

  • Socrates claims that the freed prisoner will see the light and act "rationally." What does he mean by "rational"? (Allegorical, Anagogical)

  • What does Socrates mean when he says, "The power and capacity of learning exists in the soul already"? (Anagogical)



Deep Thought Paragraph
Everyone will submit a paragraph of at least 5 sentences on one of these prompts:


  • What does the Allegory of the Cave say about the purpose of human life?



  • Compare a book you have read to the Allegory of the Cave.


Score up to 30 points (80%).

  • 10 points for clarity and focus.
  • 10 points for succinctly making your argument within the confines of a short paragraph.
  • 10 points for clear, precise, readable prose.
  • Share your paragraph with Mr. Mullen via Google Drive or Canvas by 9/10.









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