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Book Fair

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  • Pick a novel.
  • Read it in 10 days.




Mix match your activities to achieve 150 points and up to 20 bonus points


50 point activities

  • Take the objective quiz.
  • Post a 500-word review on goodreads.com using the book review format we learned in class. 
  • Make a 3 minute presentation about your novel focusing on characters and key passages. 
  • Write about your novel in response to an AP thematic prompt.
  • Make a 5-minute "study guide" video: plot, characters, themes, symbols, ironies.  



  • Create a round of Jeopardy based on your novel.
  • Draw the map of a main setting in your novel. Place key passages in the places where they occur.
  • Perform a dramatic reading of a section of your novel and podcast it.Explain why and how the passage is significant to the work as a whole.
  • Interview a character and podcast it. 
  • Choose a character and present / record a "character in a box."




  • Have a discussion session with people who are reading your novel. Talk about characters, themes, and key passages Submit the minutes of the meeting. Maximum of 4 participants to to a session.
  • Make up a 10-question quiz for a chapter of your novel: 6 objective questions, 3 short answer interpretive or inference questions and a short essay questions about character, theme, or irony.
  • Find a poem that reminds you of your novel and write a text rooted paragraph explaining why.
  • Find a painting or other work of art that reminds you of your novel and write a text rooted paragraph explaining why.
  • For 5 days, write a daily 4-5 sentence paragraph about what your novel is suggesting about human nature.


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